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"Right now, to be alone is to be responsible, heroic even; so now let us find heroism in the act of getting off for ― and with ― people on the internet!"
In a matter of weeks, the coronavirus has swept the globe and dramatically changed the way we live our lives. Yet, that innate human need for sex and intimacy hasn’t gone anywhere. But what does sex look like in the age of isolation, and how can we be truly intimate in the age of social distancing?
Wondering if you can safely have sex without spreading COVID-19? Here's what experts advise.
It might be time to take things into your own hands — literally.

The pandemic and the panic that surrounds it are a real and present danger for sex workers.
The actor revealed he completely abstained from sex for months until he met the singer.
The colorful pop-up museum, located in Greenwich Village, aims to reframe dialogue around sex work and advocate for its practitioners.
"There’s nothing sexy or hot about using someone else to get high."
The mental health condition can affect everything from intimacy to libido to orgasms.
If you're concerned about porn consumption, you need to read this.
If you're feeling less than lubricated, we've got some answers.
Experts give us the lowdown on a very annoying penis problem.
How 90-year-old Betty Dodson and her protege Carlin Ross are giving women orgasms all over the world.
"I knew in my gut that I wanted to experience sexual intercourse within a mutually loving and committed relationship."
They're perfect for couples — whether you pick one filled with lingerie, adult toys or romantic gifts.
We've got answers to your questions, including the best brands that are out there.
Body positivity is an inside job -- but having a partner who appreciates your body as it is can be a huge gamechanger.