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Updated: 28th November 2019 21:58Vatican City

Vatican City

Pope Francis made his priorities crystal clear by unveiling a sculpture honoring refugees and migrants at St. Peter's Square.
Despite restrictions imposed by the Vatican, Theodore McCarrick was allowed to rise in the ranks and play prominent diplomatic roles under Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.
The law from the Vatican provides whistleblower protections for anyone making a report.
The donation will go toward helping those fleeing Central American who have found the U.S. border "closed to them," the Vatican said.

This is the first time the Vatican has passed a law requiring its officials to report sex abuse allegations to police -- or face possible jail time.
Pope Francis, the first Latin American pope, called the summit after he himself botched a well-known sex abuse cover-up case in Chile last year.
On the eve of Pope Francis’ high-stakes abuse prevention summit, survivors of clergy abuse gather to state their demands.
Author Frederic Martel is claiming Catholic priests publicly denounce homosexuality while privately leading double lives.
Hermann Geissler worked in the Vatican's doctrinal congregation, which handles discipline for sexual abuse cases.
The pope, who is visiting Central America this week, has made speaking up for migrants and refugees one of his top priorities.
The Vatican's upcoming summit on the clergy sex abuse scandal seeks to make amends for the Catholic Church's past failures.
Pope Francis cut a cake with children at the Vatican before his birthday, which falls on December 17.
South Korean leader Moon Jae-in plans to convey Kim’s desire for a papal visit when he travels to the Vatican next week.
Cardinal Marc Ouellet accused the papal critic of “calumny and defamation.”
Faced with the worst scandal of his papacy, Pope Francis is planning a summit to discuss child sex abuse prevention.
Here's how Pope Francis and U.S. Catholic leaders have responded to allegations swirling around ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.
Here's what Catholic canon law says about papal resignations.
An archbishop claims Pope Francis knew about the Kentucky clerk's anti-LGBTQ history
In a moment of candor, he seemed to support the idea of "ex-gay" conversion therapy.
Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano claims that he told the pope about ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in 2013.