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The scare around the manifesto is the latest in a string of racist incidents at the school. University officials said Tuesday that campus security would be ramped up.
Georgetown University students voted in favor of funding reparations to the descendants of slaves in the form of a student fee.
"No jail time!" he digs at busted celebrities facing charges that they paid bribes to get their kids into universities.
We must overcome our ingrained belief that being a coach is the same as being a good person.

A man allegedly harassed college students as they waited outside their friend’s apartment building. The older man, who isn’t a resident, even pulled out a gun, refusing to let them in the elevator.
Colleges experience a slowdown in international enrollment.
The university hopes the change will make it easier for graduates to plan a career based on passion, not debt repayment.
The prestigious university began deducting anywhere from 10 to 20 points from female applicants scores in 2011.
A dozen top schools, including five Ivy league institutions, said they plan to continue to use race as a factor in admissions to bolster diversity.
Universities should pay a carbon tax on their faculty's air travel.
A assistant professor of sociology at Florida Gulf Coast University is trying to move the conversation forward with a “White Racism” course, despite receiving harassing and racist emails.
The fliers were placed as a coordinated effort by 4chan users.
Commencement was over, and we had awarded diplomas to the more than 800 graduates in a timely way. I had made remarks, as
It's a step. But descendants say it's just the beginning.
Engineering students at the University of Michigan spent three years developing the world’s largest free-standing, hand-solvable Rubik’s cube. The massive puzzle weighs 1,500 pounds.