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Updated: 13th March 2020 16:59Ukraine


The Utah senator previously said investigating Joe Biden and his son Hunter seemed politically motivated.
Romney has the power to block an upcoming subpoena in the Senate investigation of the former vice president's son.
Elaine McCusker raised concerns about Trump withholding aid from Ukraine, which was at the center of his impeachment trial.
Engaging in a plan to hold up congressionally approved funds to advance a partisan political agenda is illegal, CREW said in a statement.

John Rood resigned at the president's request, becoming the latest official to be purged following the impeachment trial.
President Donald Trump now admits to sending his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to Ukraine to coerce a foreign government to investigate his potential political opponent Joe Biden. Trump had previously denied any involvement in Giuliani’s trips to Ukraine.
The president's personal attorney pressured Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, a central part of Trump's impeachment.
The former New York mayor claimed "a bunch of Democrats" are worried they will be exposed in "a corruption affair."
The former White House chief of staff said Alexander Vindman acted as a good soldier and did "exactly what we teach them to do from cradle to grave."
Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) wrote a letter to the attorney general demanding answers about the DOJ's new "intake process" to vet tips from Rudy Giuliani.
Rudy Giuliani is described in the report as having a “high susceptibility to disinformation," The Daily Beast reports.
With the impeachment trial now over, congressional Republicans are now looking into Hunter Biden and his role in a Ukrainian gas company.
Vindman was the Ukraine expert for the National Security Council. His attorney said he was dismissed for “telling the truth.”
In a new op-ed, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine who spoke up about President Donald Trump said "we need to fight for our democracy."
The comments from Trump's personal attorney come a day before the Senate is expected to acquit the president on charges related to his pursuit of that probe.
Sen. Lindsey Graham is demanding the whistleblower testify after President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is over.
Graham plans to investigate Ukraine operation at Senate Intelligence Committee after Trump's impeachment trial is over.
“I think this door of impeachable whatever has been opened,” warned Joni Ernst of Iowa.
The Tennessee lawmaker said he's going to vote to acquit the president anyway.
The Senate leader has gone from admiring Henry Clay to packing the courts to guaranteeing the acquittal of a president caught cheating ahead of an election.