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Updated: 15th November 2019 09:10 travel


Mikhail Galin almost got away with his over-the-top plan to keep his pet out of cargo. If only he had stayed off of social media.
"I'm going to be on this Amtrak train for 70 minutes so I brought 70 snacks."
If you're a nature lover, here's where you should stay around the world.
A terrifying moment was caught on camera at the Grand Canyon.

The rise of "flight shame" in Sweden is persuading people to stay on the ground. Will the movement spread to the U.S.?
At these joints, you can dine on food and fright.
Travel experts shared their advice for getting low prices and good deals on hotel rooms.
Small towns around the world -- and particularly in the Philippines -- don't have the infrastructure to handle a sudden rush of tourism.
It took Flight QF7879, which connected New York to Sydney, 19 hours and 16 minutes to complete its 10,066-mile journey.
The woman climbed out of her balcony to pose for a picture. She ended up being removed from the ship at its next port of call.
Whether you contract an illness or have an accident, here’s how to handle a medical event in a foreign country.
Travel bloggers and experts share how they prepare to catch some in-flight z's.
These eerie sites boast haunted histories and paranormal happenings.
The Points Guy released its annual rankings based on family-friendly features.
Travel bloggers share their top recommendations for vacation spots that are super cozy and conducive to laziness.
Nostalgia is forever, but this whimsical wonderland is only available through Oct. 27.
These stunning swimming pools have epic views, unique designs and more.
Groups like Girls LOVE Travel and the Solo Female Traveler Network are full of helpful travel suggestions.
Flying's all fun and games until someone can't go to the bathroom.
"No one is full of more false hope than a parent organizing car ride activities before a long road trip."