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Updated: 11th November 2019 20:42technology


Though the film landed in first place on domestic box office charts, the results are less than promising given the film’s $185 million budget.
The deal will reportedly rescue WeWork, and current chair Adam Neumann will exit with $1.7 billion.
Thirty-eight people violated security protocols around non-classified emails, the probe found.
The senator argued TikTok is used by the Chinese government to censor politically sensitive content.

The tech company said the app violated its rules because it was used to ambush police and by criminals who used it to victimize residents in areas with no law enforcement.
The report recommended that Congress consider new laws requiring disclosure of who pays for election-related online advertising.
Daryl Morey quickly deleted a tweet which included an image captioned: “Fight For Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong.”
Microsoft revealed the hacks took place amid tensions between American and Iranian leadership.
“Today’s victory is a complete vindication."
Large tech companies have increasingly been on the defensive over lapses such as privacy breaches and outsized market influence.
Moviegoers, consisting mostly of older females, awarded the film with an A CinemaScore, the highest grade among this weekend’s new offerings.
Critics say the technology doesn't work properly on people with dark skin. The bill is now headed to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk for his signature or a veto.
The typhoon, one of the strongest to hit the Japanese capital in years, killed at least one woman and disrupted flights and public transportation across the city.
The hacks are reportedly part of a wider cyber-espionage campaign targeting “high-value individuals” such as diplomats and foreign military personnel.
Experts worry local governments are ill-equipped to protect themselves, and that an undetected attack could potentially impact voting results.
The third chapter in the Gerard Butler franchise had a stronger-than-expected opening weekend, earning $21.25 million.
'There’s a lot of scariness that comes with this.'
Research showed that with a human staring at them, herring gulls took 21 seconds longer to approach a bag of chips than when left apparently unobserved.
These podcasts offer engaging news, bedtime stories, scientific discoveries and more for the whole family.
The luxury department store plans to close stores in 15 locations, including Chicago, Seattle and Las Vegas, as well as most of its outlets.