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Updated: 9th November 2019 07:13Supreme Court

Supreme Court

The decision appears to cover former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and others convicted in cases arising from the sprawling “Car Wash” corruption investigation.
A judge has ruled that President Donald Trump must pay $2 million to settle a lawsuit involving Trump’s namesake foundation.
Charles Russell Rhines died by lethal injection in the 1992 fatal stabbing of Donnivan Schaeffer, despite accusing the jury of anti-gay bias.

A federal appeals court has ruled that President Donald Trump must hand over his tax returns to New York prosecutors.
"Ask yourself one simple question: Is this how American democracy is supposed to work?" the Supreme Court justice said in June.
Justice Brett Kavanaugh is the Trump Supreme Court appointee with the longest record on presidential power.
The Supreme Court justice said she never stopped exercising through her latest bout with cancer.
The Trump administration is challenging a federal appeals court ruling that blocked the deportation of a man from Sri Lanka.
Former funeral home director Aimee Stephens was fired from her job after coming out to her boss. Now, her former employer’s appeal is being heard by the Supreme Court, which will decide whether Title VII’s non-discrimination statute applies to a person’s gender identity.
The court's decision in the employment discrimination case is expected by early summer 2020.
Many felt betrayed by the senator, and they’re taking action ahead of next year’s election.
The Democratic 2020 presidential candidate is targeting misconduct in the federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court.
President Donald Trump’s conservative Supreme Court judges Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch will take on their first abortion case.
It's the first since the retirement of swing justice Anthony Kennedy, which raised the possibility that the court could overturn Roe v. Wade.
The tech giant filed a brief that says it employs hundreds of recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals because they "embody Apple's innovation strategy."
The 58-year-old Michigan resident plans to attend the arguments next month despite dialysis treatments to deal with kidney failure.
Reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly said that Justice Brett Kavanaugh agreed to speak to them as long as they publicly said he declined the interview.
Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has some support from Congress and the White House after The New York Times reported new sexual misconduct allegation against him.