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Updated: 15th November 2019 16:20Spain


The European country offered to host the U.N. conference in Madrid after Chile abruptly pulled out amid fiery protests this week.
Much is at stake, both for Spain and for its wealthiest region, in this trial over an independence drive that attracted worldwide attention.
Spain's top court is expected to decide any day now on the fate of the politicians and activists behind Catalonia’s 2017 independence referendum.

Joana Sainz García was stuck by a pyrotechnic projectile during a light show at a music festival in Spain.
Spanish police called the suspect “one of the biggest predators of women’s privacy."
"Does Jill Ellis know she's allowed to sub?" one viewer on Twitter asked as the Americans squeaked by, 2-1, to advance to the quarterfinals.
The writer-director continues to make movies in Europe, while several U.S. stars and companies have severed ties with him.
“We are in the 21st century and I don’t understand how they can still say these insults," said one player from the Alma de Africa side in southern Spain.
To get out of Nazi Germany, Lilly Cassirer gave up a painting by impressionist Camille Pissarro. Her descendants have spent years trying to get it back.
Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is seeking partners to form a new government in a politically polarized country.
Spaniards go to the polls on Sunday for the country's most highly polarized vote in decades.
Mona Eltahawy criticizes “hijab solidarity” and suggests focusing on eradicating Islamophobia, misogyny and hatred within their own families and communities.
Over 500 street demonstrations around the country marked International Women's Day.
Rescue efforts had been ongoing since Julen Rosello fell down the borehole in Totalan near Malaga on Jan. 13.
New Year's celebrations around the world vary from smashing plates to dressing up as bears.
Prosecutors allege the Colombian "Hips Don't Lie" singer failed to pay $16.3 million in taxes.
The country is investing $285 million to help the miners left behind — though they are skeptical about the changing economy.
Lucio Ballesteros said he spent about 100,000 euros to build the spacecraft.