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Updated: 20th March 2020 02:09Social Justice

Social Justice

A suicide in ICE custody should highlight how immigrants feel “scared and worried” about an outbreak, according to advocates.
The coronavirus pandemic is fueling racism that often unfolds right in front of bystanders.
With an aging prison population in the midst of a global health crisis, it's time to prioritize early release for sick and elderly prisoners.
Between sexism and ageism, menopause gives rise to many stereotypes that have consequences for women's private and professional lives.

The disease would "spread like wildfire" among the tens of thousands of immigrants stuck in tent camps and shelters along the border, one doctor said.
The senator urged Hennepin County's top prosecutor to call for an independent review of the case Klobuchar handled that imprisoned a Black teen for life.
Any policies Cuccinelli put in place are now void, according to a court ruling.
Lawyers hope a new federal court injunction will prevent her from being returned to Mexico a third time.
Homer Yasui, 95, has a message: "Stand up, do something! Be counted. Help us.”
Newly released footage shows a 6-year-old student getting arrested and put in a police car.
This verdict is empowering but won't fix a broken system.
The former Illinois governor said he was a political prisoner and demanded that Cooper help him reform the criminal justice system. The CNN host shut him down.
Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney contradicted President Donald Trump when he told a crowd that the U.S. is “desperate” for immigrants to propel its economic growth.
Neal Katyal, a former Justice Department official, issued a warning to President Donald Trump after he doled out pardons and commuted sentences for friends and allies.
President Donald Trump spoke to reporters to explain a wave of commutations and pardons for convicted fraudsters, amongst others.
The Trump administration's immigration policies, spearheaded by Miller, are "a danger to everybody in our country," David Glosser told HuffPost.
Cheap rebar ladders that hook over barriers blend in with the steel rods, say border agents.
“The criminal justice system shouldn’t depend on being friends with the president," Republicans for the Rule of Law says in its new spot.
In a blow to Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign, audio has resurfaced of the former New York mayor claiming that most murderers are young men of color.