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Updated: 8th November 2019 16:34Social Justice

Social Justice

HuffPost analyzed 800 hate incidents from the last four years that are all linked by the same racist phrase. Here’s what we found.
Amid a spike in hate crimes, Brits reveal what it’s like to be told to leave the country.
There is a belief, popularized by Trump and his supporters, that people like me are here to steal American jobs.
ICE said it wouldn't leave children without a parent, but it looks like U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst has a different plan.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's plan to pay for a health care program by passing comprehensive immigration reform didn't excite a bipartisan group of lawmakers who helped pass the last major immigration bill in the Senate.
Clifton Blackwell allegedly threw acid in Mahud Villalaz's face after telling the U.S. citizen to go back to his country.
The West Point grad, who defeated the incumbent in the Democratic primary, wants to get away from tough-on-crime policies.
"Let’s create a new normal," the director tweeted about her upcoming OWN series, which achieved full gender parity.
The clerk demanded Jose Guzman Payano's "visa" after he showed her his American-issued driver's license.
"It’s because the president’s talking about it on a daily basis that people feel they have a license to go after Hispanic people," said Tom Barrett.
He was detained before appearing at a far-right conference over fears his "hate speech" could trigger violence, an official said.
Costumed kids were given brick-colored paper cards and tape them to the wall.
Wolf reportedly helped come up with the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy that separated migrant families at the border.
Thousands of Salvadorans with Temporary Protected Status will be able to work in the U.S. for at least another year.
The Democratic presidential candidate initially backed out of the forum because a sponsoring organization gave Trump a criminal justice award.
The president received the award for his efforts to pass the First Step Act on federal prison reform.
The president's speech at a historically Black college came days after he called the impeachment proceedings against him "a lynching."
A report found that 95% of prosecutors are white, but there are nearly 50% more women of color prosecutors than there were four years ago.
During a speech in Pittsburgh, President Donald Trump talked about a new border wall in Colorado, which is not a state.
The Democratic presidential contender unveiled a sweeping plan to address gender inequality.