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Updated: 9th November 2019 10:03Podcasts


Original podcasts and audio features from HuffPost. Email us: podcasts@huffingtonpost.com, Follow us – @HuffPostPodcast, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

  On this week’s episode of So That Happened, the Huffington Post’s weekly news-roundup podcast, we’re joined by the host

$54 billion here, $54 billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money.
Plus, Rachel's fantasy date is like Narnia: A beautiful dream that ultimately has no bearing on reality.
These podcast episodes are like a career coach in your earbuds.
The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” came here to find love. Claire Fallon and Emma Gray revisit the tearful penultimate (for real this time) episodes of “Bachelor In Paradise,” including the best exit burn, the whitest white people and the most over-produced romance. With the plush, halcyon days of Sayulita summer camp coming to an end, Paradise’s couples have to decide if they’ll still be happy once life is less about hot tubbing and margaritas and more about grocery trips and refilling the Brita. Those “hard conversations” bring about Blake’s final pity party, but also lead to some heartfelt (if mangled) I love yous from Hannah and Dylan. Matt Donald chooses Bri over Sydney, then gets so excited about dating a supermodel he forgets to learn anything else about her. Now his mom’s REALLY going to kill him. Meanwhile, it’s last call at Wells’ bar, and we’re serving up finale predictions for who will leave the beach engaged … and who will go home heartbroken.
With only two weeks left before the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale, everyone’s wheels are coming off.