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Updated: 30th November 2019 10:19Nicaragua


The report documented extrajudicial killings by Nicaraguan police, disappearances, as well as torture and sexual violence in detention centers.
The United Nations is asking other countries to support Costa Rica, which is receiving most of the asylum seekers.
The Trump administration condemned police attacks on demonstrators as hundreds have been killed.
President Daniel Ortega has violently cracked down on dissent in the country.

Betsy DeVos thinks for-profit colleges are better unregulated, California is burning (again), and there are still hundreds of kids in government detention.
About 300 people have died since April amid a crackdown by Daniel Ortega's government.
Chaos and bloodshed continue in Nicaragua as students lead protests against the president.
Monday’s march, led by university students, was the largest seen in six days of protests.
Thousands take to the streets as discontent with government crackdowns builds amid roiling protests.
Maria Elena Hernandez is one of about 5,300 Nicaraguan immigrants set to lose temporary protected status in 2019.
The Department of Homeland Security's acting secretary could not come to a decision about what to do with Honduran recipients, officials said.
Ixelis’s fetus has no arms, feet or cranium and its heart is compromised. But the government prohibits her from having an abortion.
Nicaragua signed on after initially refusing because the targets weren't ambitious enough.
The storm has already killed 22 people in Central America.
The center of Nate should move across northeastern Nicaragua and eastern Honduras on Thursday.
Nicaragua, which refused to sign in protest of a weak global climate agreement, says it’s now joining.