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Updated: 26th November 2019 03:52National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month

¡Feliz Mes de la Herencia Hispana! Estos íconos LGBTQ latinxs e hispanxs han tenido un gran impacto cultural y político.
Sabiduría de Tiffany Cabán, Jessica Cisneros, y otras latinas en la política.
We asked readers to share their favorite pictures of their grandparents and parents.
“I went to do an audition ... and they told me, ‘You’re probably not going to get the role because they want someone who looks more Latina,’” the entertainer said.

In a U.S. territory where the two parties revolve around statehood or commonwealth status, a new movement wants to offer an alternative.
The celebrated author reflects on Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican politics and how she stays connected to her culture from hundreds of miles away.
This Hispanic Heritage Month, we asked entrepreneurs to share how they use their companies to honor their heritage.
Without these pioneers and their revolutionary ideas, the world wouldn't have made as much progress as we see today.
Straight wisdom from Tiffany Cabán, Jessica Cisneros and other Latinas in politics.
"If I don’t see it out there and I know in my heart and my soul that I belong here ... I have to be that change,” said the model, who has collaborated with Nordstrom and Beyoncé.
Duke University’s Latinx students grappled with a vandalized mural in the midst of the country’s hostile political environment.
Watch special musical performances and an engaging conversation with HBO's Bernadette Aulestia on her career.
"Ugh. Just build the wall already... permanently around him."
Heirs to our nation's Hispanic heritage know the rigorous nature of our fight for decency and equality.