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Updated: 18th November 2019 11:31lawsuit


An attorney for five survivors says festival organizers failed to secure the event's perimeters and to protect people from "the foreseeable risks of mass shootings."
The director filed a lawsuit against the company for backing out of a multifilm deal at the height of the Me Too movement.
A new lawsuit alleges that GOP congressman and staunch ally of President Donald Trump was aware of sexual abuse by disgraced doctor Richard Strauss.
Judges have ruled against the Infowars host multiple times over the last three months and he's on his seventh lawyer.

The lawsuit alleged that public figures defamed eight Kentucky students following their now-viral encounter with an indigenous activist in Washington, D.C.
A federal judge did say, however, he would be willing to revisit the issue after Election Day.
The actress filed a lawsuit accusing Harvey Weinstein and his former attorneys of conspiring to silence and discredit his alleged victims of sexual assault.
Apartment building owners are accused of keeping older people from seeing listings for available units. Facebook has faced legal action over ad tools before.
The anonymous man’s lawsuit against the actor had been moving forward at the time.
“Lyft has continuously ignored and dismissed the stories of victims like me,” Alison Turkos said of her assault.
The University of Virginia Health System garnished paychecks, seized bank accounts and put liens on homes as it pursued $106 million in unpaid bills.
The Sacklers, the family behind OxyContin, allegedly wired around a billion dollars to their own bank accounts while defending their role in the opioid crisis.
An attorney representing 14 women who say they were assaulted by Lyft drivers called the company's updated policies a "cheap public relations stunt."
Johnson cited the difficulty of a legal fight "against a person with unlimited resources."
The suit takes issue with how Harvard's legal journal chooses student editors, but didn't provide sufficient facts, the judge said.
I will force America’s billionaire education secretary to finally follow the law.
Nunes' parents' farm is thousands of miles from the congressman's California home, Esquire reported last year.
Gruesome new details have emerged about the Arizona body donation facility that told people their loved ones would aid medical science.
A federal judge dismissed the suit on behalf of student Nick Sandmann after the Post wrote about his confrontation with a Native American activist earlier this year.
The lawsuit seeks to block a new New York law that allows Congress to obtain the president's state tax returns.