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Updated: 27th November 2019 23:45Labor Issues

Labor Issues

The Massachusetts senator is the first presidential candidate to weigh in on remarks by Gov. Ralph Northam that angered liberals across the country.
In addition to the immediate policy impact, leaving the anti-union system intact could hurt Democrats’ long-term political prospects.
Few companies have clear “climate leave” policies setting out what workers can expect in the face of worsening disasters.
The campaign still needs to reach a contract agreement with the union.

Amid the rise of a new labor movement, the classic insult is going mainstream.
AFSCME 3299 has a labor dispute with the school, and Democrats don't want to be on the wrong side of unions.
The four-year investigation has resulted in charges against a dozen individuals for illegal payouts to union officials.
More than 300,000 students missed days of classes, but they will be made up at the end of the school year under the terms of the deal.
James Hoffa has been a vocal supporter of Trump's trade moves but says the president hasn't delivered for union members.
The standoff between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Teachers Union has resulted in an eighth day of striking, the city's longest in over 30 years.
The work stoppage lasted 40 days and was the longest the auto industry had seen in two decades.
About 25,000 teachers are on strike in the Windy City — and negotiations are fraught.
"Roy A. McCombs tragically lost his life today on a picket line standing up for a better life for himself and his coworkers," the union said.
The strike will affect about 300,000 students in the country's third-largest school district.
They will be building on a wave of teacher of activism that they helped set off in 2012.
A union council still needs to approve it in order to bring a painful work stoppage to a close.
The biggest auto industry work stoppage in decades is wrapping up its fourth week with no deal on the horizon.
As the autoworkers' strike grinds through its third week, workers say they'll stay on the picket lines for as long as it takes.
The union will be covering the cost of COBRA during the lapse.