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Updated: 17th November 2019 03:51Israel


The incident threatened to unleash a fierce round of cross-border violence with Palestinian militants.
Melpomeni Dina was a teenager and an orphan when she risked her life to hide and protect the Mordechai family.
Sanders' idea linking U.S. aid to Israel's conduct “has no support here on Capitol Hill,” said a Democratic member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Trump's rivals are eager to criticize his cozy relationship with hard-line politicians in Israel -- and push for new negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

St. Paul's Betty McCollum is radically progressive on U.S. policy toward Israel. Why don’t you ever hear about it?
The singer said the vacation was a “spiritual experience for me not a political statement" in a now-deleted post.
The U.S. president appeared to distance himself from the Israeli prime minister, who's struggling to hold on to power in a tight election.
Benjamin Netanyahu failed to get a clear victory in Israel's vote. What happens now?
Initial results showed challenger Benny Gantz’s centrist Blue and White party tied or with a slight lead over Netanyahu’s Likud.
Israeli voters will decide whether to give Benjamin Netanyahu another term in office despite a likely indictment on corruption charges.
The election will decide whether longtime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stays in power despite a looming indictment on corruption charges.
The Israeli prime minister is facing a close fight for power as the country heads to national elections for the second time in 2019.
Sacha Baron Cohen stars in the historical miniseries "The Spy."
In Israel, there's pleasure in being spontaneous when entertaining. Adeena Sussman, author of the vibrant new cookbook "Sababa," shows us how.
The president mentioned the founder of Ford Motor Co., who frequently used his platform to spread anti-Semitic messages across the country and the world.
The president attacked Democratic-voting Jews, called himself "the chosen one" and got mad that Denmark won't sell him Greenland.
His claim that Democrat-leaning Jewish Americans are 'disloyal' is outright anti-Semitic, the ADL says.
President Donald Trump, once again accused Jewish people who vote for Democrats as being “disloyal”.
Democrats and Jewish leaders railed against Trump's use of the "dual loyalty" trope.
President Donald Trump said that Jewish people who vote for a Democrat show “great disloyalty.”