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Updated: 23rd December 2018 17:44How We Live: Wellness | HuffPost Life

How We Live: Wellness

85-year-old justice lives up to Notorious RBG nickname even after cancer surgery.
Studies show Trump’s immigration policies create a hostile environment that harms Latino parents and children.
The good news? Researchers say that you can work at cultivating these traits.
It's about enjoying food, not counting it.
The creator of this photo series wants to break down stigmas and challenge what we think we know.
More and more moms are exclusively pumping, but surprisingly little is known about it.
It may seem harmless, but this four-letter word is actually doing a lot of damage.
The federal plan is “a significant step backward in progress to end lead poisoning for children in the United States,” a health justice scholar said.
Restricting yourself ultimately doesn't work. Here's why.
Active gift ideas for families who have everything.
The singer was hospitalized twice within a few weeks due to complications from her kidney transplant.
After one of them almost died from a fertility-related procedure, this couple decided that enough was enough.
Small, helpful ways you can support a loved one who is dealing with depression.
Voters in Idaho, Nebraska and Utah recently approved plans to extend health insurance to 331,000.
The congresswoman-elect asked on Instagram for "any and all self-care tips" as she prepares for "a few days in the middle of nowhere."
Adam Bros. Farming, Inc. announced a voluntary recall of red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce and cauliflower.
A family's ongoing battle with UnitedHealth shows how insurance companies are failing children with psychiatric disorders.

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