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Updated: 18th November 2019 07:50Haiti


Thousands of demonstrators are calling for Haitian President Jovenel Moïse to leave office amid the country's corruption, fuel shortages and spiraling inflation.
A Soyuz rocket launch, a chile-eating competition and a photogenic mummy round out this week's best images.
An Ohio couple and their community rallied behind a Haitian immigrant before they'd even met him.
More than 180 people were also injured by the quake in Port-de-Paix and Gros-Morne.

An immigration judge granted him asylum, and a federal judge ordered the government to reevaluate parole for cases like his. But he's still locked up in Ohio.
The administration's “true motive" for canceling protection for Haitians in the U.S. "reflects racial discrimination,” the federal suit says.
"Make sure Trump knows that you guys are the ones who have bullied us, and have caused us to be in the state that we’re in.”
Let's focus less on what Trump says, and more on what we're going to do.
"We have beautiful golf courses here, Mr. President. Please come cheat on them."
The CNN host offered a travel guide ahead of comedian Conan O'Brien's visit.
The Florida congressman called conditions in Haiti "disgusting."
Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) became enraged when talking to DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who claims not to recall Trump’s infamously racist comments on immigration policy.
Whatever small feeling of welcome the president gave to us 1,123 new Americans, he undid the very same day.
“I don’t know when Americans are going to tire of this lying man.”
The president reportedly referred to groups of immigrants as coming from "shithole countries."