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Updated: 8th December 2019 01:03German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Two German shepherds sat in the back seat while the kids were in the trunk.
The former vice president has been fostering Major, a German shepherd, and decided to make things permanent.
World News
The German shepherd Kaos worked for weeks in 2016 helping find survivors of an Italian earthquake.
World News
The German shepherd Sombra has helped authorities find more than 10 tons of cocaine.

Good News
Maverick's owner heard him crying for help.
Filthy, matted, emaciated and weak, with pieces of debris and wire embedded in her caked-together fur, she burrowed deep
When Barry the dog was discovered in a Hong Kong neighborhood early Saturday morning, she was hovering near death. Bleeding
Good News
[puppy starts to get nervous, edges toward bed] "One." "Three!" "Go take a nap." "Two-and-a-half." Naps are important, little
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The nice doggy may have a leg up on his other four-legged counterparts; Gonzalez is the founder and owner of Hill County
Refusing to insure families with dogs that look "scary" or have certain stereotypes is horrendous. Perhaps rather than immediately denying a family with a certain breed of dog, companies should have a system where they meet the beloved pet and approve or deny them based on an interaction.
Have you ever been slowly woken out of a deep, blissful dream state, and then felt totally contented and confused at the
Swim on, dog. Swim on. After all, summer days are waning, and swim time must take precedence over obedience training! "She
Dude, it's been raining! You're overwatering! Stooooooooooooppppp!! Via Daily Picks & Flicks