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Updated: 17th November 2019 12:37Far-right politics

Far-right politics

The Yom Kippur attack on a Halle synagogue has renewed concerns about rising far-right extremism and anti-Semitism in Germany.
“We are ... obliged today to oppose all tendencies that seek to destroy democracy. That includes right-wing extremism,” declared the German chancellor.
Racist, inflammatory and inaccurate content has circulated on far right blogs, news sites and social media accounts.
A man with a history of anti-immigrant violence admitted to the killing of Walter Lübcke, police say, as thousands gathered to protest extremism.

Israel's Parliament voted to dissolve itself after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a government.
The bad-faith attack attempts to paint the freshman lawmaker as being flippant about the terrorist attack.
The CNN host said for Trump “to not be able to know that right-wing extremism is on the rise is very ignorant."
More right-wing extremists than militant Islamist sympathizers were arrested in the U.S. by FBI terrorism investigators since Trump became president, statistics show.
Far-right president Jair Bolsonaro is a threat to Brazilian democracy — and a model for authoritarianism that leaders around the world will follow.
Jörg Meuthen's post riled up some of his followers who didn't like the idea that the Swiss chocolate bars are now halal-certified.
The staggering rise of green politics is in direct opposition to the far-right populism of Alternative for Germany.
"Brazil's Trump" is a far-right congressman who praises dictators. He's also a lesson in how modern democracies can crumble.
When establishment parties shift to the right, it can backfire in a big way.
Investors are embracing an extremist who poses a threat to the world's fourth-largest democracy — just to keep the left out of power.
The country's left-wing Social Democrats just saw their worst election result in generations.
One of Europe’s most liberal nations turned right amid fears over immigration.
Here’s what happens when the radical right starts vying for power.
The former Trump adviser is gunning for a populist takeover.
Sam Brownback complained about how the anti-immigrant campaigner was being treated.