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Updated: 24th November 2019 16:47Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Fox News' Chris Wallace reminded Sen. John Kennedy that "the entire intelligence community says it was Russia" that hacked the DNC in 2016.
The editor-in-chief told staff they will not investigate Michael Bloomberg and said the policy extends to his Democratic competitors.
The president's attorney has repeatedly suggested that he can protect himself if thrown under the bus by Trump.

The House Intelligence Committee chairman urged John Bolton to have the "courage" to testify in the impeachment inquiry.
President Donald Trump had tweeted that he would not let the Navy remove Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher from the SEALs.
The former New York City mayor has been signaling for weeks that he was planning to join the Democratic primary field.
Two women in Southern California are mobilizing America's small Kurdish community to fight an existential danger back home.
The New York billionaire is willing to spend "whatever it takes to defeat Donald Trump," his chief adviser said.
Will Ferrell's Tom Steyer, meanwhile, is running because "it's fun and it gets me out of the house."
As for Sondland, Alec Baldwin's Trump says: "I know him, but I don't KNOW him know him."
Trump's supersized notes on the impeachment inquiry receive a punk rock twist in a new viral video.
“He’s just a petulant kid. He’ll gladly pro, quo or quid, he’ll say he won’t but he did," sings the YouTube star in his latest clip.
"The Irishman" star railed against the Fox News founder and President Donald Trump in a new interview.
Michael Steele explained why the RNC's spending of almost $95,000 on Donald Trump Jr.'s book "Triggered" is "screwed up."
"When grandpa tells the same stories and you can't get him off the phone," it captioned the montage.
The Watergate reporter said Trump is “untruthful in ways and to an extent that had never been dreamed somebody holding the Oval Office could be."
Trump is also calling GOP lawmakers, having lunch with them and opening up Camp David for fun weekends as part of his impeachment "charm offensive."
Legal analyst lists at least four likely articles of impeachment but "can't imagine" Trump would be removed by the Republican-controlled Senate.
The president cannot be prosecuted and should not be sued or impeached, according to his legal teams.
Diana Falzone, who reportedly had proof of a relationship between Trump and Daniels, called Ken LaCorte "a peddler of misinformation."