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Updated: 10th November 2019 04:03Donald Trump

Donald Trump

"Why is Twitter failing ... to suspend accounts of people who are trying to get the whistleblower killed by naming the person?" asks former U.S. ethics chief.
Alleged slasher vowed to "get rowdy" ... "make a scene" and "pop that balloon."
As the wealthy continue to amass more assets, they have more power to skew the system to further benefit them, economists warn.

Third time's a charm, and so is the South, for President Donald Trump.
The president has claimed he was one to release the funds, so there was no quid pro quo for his call to investigate Joe Biden.
Only three countries in the world currently require asylum-seekers to pay up.
Republicans have a disjointed defense of Trump as impeachment hearings are set to go public.
One idea reportedly kicked around by the pair was "The Apprentice: White House." But Trump dismissed it as "false reporting."
Comedy group The Good Liars changed covers on the presidential son's book to "make it a little more honest."
By counting Trump's truths, "you could do it on one or two hands," said Tony Schwartz. "And they were accidental."
"Mike Pompeo speaking about how walls are cruel is like watching a shark say the sight of blood makes it faint."
"The president says you should do it, I say you should do it. We are all in agreement."
Trump “would be very intimidated" by this person, claimed the former White House communications director.
The president acknowledged he's considering attending the Victory Day event.
"Impeachment is like the death penalty for a public official," the former ambassador to the United Nations said in a CBS News interview.
Britain's Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn say they want justice, not money, for the death of their 19-year-old son, Harry.
Iowa voters turned two GOP House members out of office in last year’s midterms, raising red flags in a state Trump won in 2016 and needs to win again
Former Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon testified that Roger Stone was the "access point" to WikiLeaks and information about Democrats' hacked emails.
He also said that the whistleblower's attorney should be "sued" for "treason."
"When it’s even too awful for Facebook, you know it’s bad," remarked tech journalist Kara Swisher.