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Updated: 15th November 2019 15:33Disasters and Accidents

Disasters and Accidents

A gas stove exploded on the train Thursday, causing the deadly blaze, officials said.
As many as 36 people are dead from the storm, which caused serious damage in central and northern Japan.
A major rescue operation is underway in parts of central and northern Japan following the typhoon's landfall near Tokyo on Saturday.
This was the only criminal trial in the nuclear disaster that has kept tens of thousands of residents away from their homes because of lingering radiation contamination.

Authorities were investigating if a night watchman was on duty when the scuba diving boat erupted in flames off the California coast.
Rescue teams were still trying to reach some Bahamian communities isolated by floodwaters and debris after the disaster that killed at least 43 people.
Glen and Dana Fritzler of Truth Aquatics are basing their case on the law used by the company that operated the Titanic.
The hurricane hit Abaco on Sunday and then hovered over Grand Bahama for a day and a half.
One victim's body remained missing Thursday as federal investigators continued to interview the crew of the Conception.
More than 600 police officers and marines fanned out across the Bahamas, where Hurricane Dorian made landfall, to reach stranded victims.
The Ural Airlines A321 collided with a flock of birds that got into both of the plane's engines.
Recent monsoon rains have caused widespread flooding and mudslides across South Asia. Officials have warned of more flooding in the coming days.
Federal authorities and social scientists struggle to create effective messages to inform and compel people to take action.
Two people suffered serious injuries in Plantation, Florida.
Authorities said there were no survivors after the twin-engine King Air plane crashed Friday night near Dillingham Airfield on Oahu’s North Shore.
The Chemical Safety Board said it doesn't want to appear as if it's blaming anyone for fatalities. Safety advocates are demanding the agency name names.
The pilot, who crashed atop a midtown Manhattan high-rise, was not licensed to fly in the kind of weather the city had that day.
A construction crane collapsed on a Dallas apartment building during a storm Sunday, killing one person and injuring at least six more, according to fire officials.
At least five people sustained injuries in the accident, according to local media.
The National Weather Service warned that further severe storms are likely across the central plains, Midwest and in some northeastern states.