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Updated: 8th November 2019 16:28Politics


The former national security adviser has been called to testify in the impeachment inquiry by lawmakers, but his lawyers want a court to clear him to do so first.
Bill Gates is thinking about voting for Donald Trump, while Mike Bloomberg intends to vote for himself.
The president regularly demeans members of the judiciary, suggesting they should serve him, not the country.

"I wish Jim ... would stand up and do the right thing and admit [he] knew what Strauss was doing," the former referee said.
The president's eldest son drew fierce backlash for the comparison in his new book.
In testimony released Friday, both Vindman and Fiona Hill said acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney helped coordinate the quid pro quo efforts.
The infamous inflatable is set to appear at the game just days after students were warned against "disruptive behavior."
The former attorney general's campaign for his old Senate seat isn't getting off to the best start.
"The friggin' house is on fire & you're standing around with your hands in your pocket," complained one critic of the new book "A Warning."
ICE said it wouldn't leave children without a parent, but it looks like U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst has a different plan.
The author of "A Warning" claims that senior Trump officials once considered resigning en masse in defiance of the president, The Washington Post reports.
Amid a spike in hate crimes, Brits reveal what it’s like to be told to leave the country.
“He has done nothing to command my respect,” the Democratic presidential candidate told CNN's Chris Cuomo.
Her father has repeatedly urged the public outing of the person who raised concerns about his call with Ukraine's president.
The New York Times finds more evidence of a quid pro quo: Ukraine's president was happily off the hook on the investigation once military funds were released.
Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney is not expected to comply with the democrats' subpoena for his testimony in the impeachment inquiry.
The billionaire might find a lane in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, but it’s hard to see where.
"This is about a conspiracy ... to undermine the American electoral system through the intervention of a foreign power," the famed Watergate journalist said.
According to the CDC, at least 37 people have died from vaping-related causes this year, as of the end of October.
After the president wrongly warned that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama, federal scrambled to get correct info out to the state's panicking residents.