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Updated: 9th November 2019 11:57Opinion


HuffPost has two new sections. We'd like to hear from you.
What really is the difference between the Covington students and Chiefs fans?
And they've given us the most dangerous and incompetent president in American history.
House Democrats introduced the Raise the Wage Act on Jan. 16.

It’s easy to view trans rights as a frivolous issue until you realize the depth of opposition to trans people’s mere existence.
CNN flagged the account that spread the clip of Covington Catholic High School students taunting a Native American elder.
This is your opportunity to show our kids that bigotry has no place in America.
This is what happens when America's health care system prioritizes our ability to conceive above all else.
"Surviving R. Kelly" was a chilling reminder that many black women will find themselves in violent relationships with no way out.
Black people will never have the power white people do.
Most news stories focus on salary-related issues. But that’s not our sticking point.
Why the government shutdown will end soon, as Republicans run for the exits.
The threat of progressive primary challenges is a vital development for the future of the Democratic Party.
When conservative Christians would rather see LGBTQ people lynched than their rights protected, we have a serious problem.
Lady Gaga, Chance the Rapper and other famous folk should absolutely denounce R. Kelly and stand up for black girls.
Justice for Kelly's victims will be a step toward racial justice, not an impediment to it.
The real emergency is not on the southern border but in the White House.