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Updated: 15th November 2019 15:33Society and Culture

Society and Culture

Demand Justice set up a massive screen to shame Federalist Society members for honoring the Supreme Court justice accused of sexual assault.
Federal officials said they have closed a lengthy investigation into the death of Bijan Ghaisar two years ago.
A federal court is allowing a Kentucky man to personalize a license plate with the phrase “IM GOD” after a three-year legal battle over the custom engraving.
Phillip Todd Wilson, 54, faces 17 charges of child pornography possession and distribution.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, who recently wrapped up an investigation of clerical sex abuse in the Diocese of Buffalo, denies that he molested a former altar boy.
A Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy has been arrested for felony child abuse after grabbing a 15-year-old girl by the neck and slamming her to the floor.
Archbishop José Gómez is an immigrant from Mexico and a strong advocate of a welcoming policy towards undocumented immigrants.
The humanitarian group has been vilified by the Syrian government and its allies, including Russia.
Military personnel found the suburban Las Vegas woman north of Los Angeles after she was raped, robbed and left for dead in the desert by kidnappers.
Jeffrey Yohai was sentenced to nine years in prison and ordered to pay $6.7 million for the schemes that bilked more than $13 million.
After a massacre earlier in the week, a community that had called Mexico home since the 1950s returned to the United States.
Valentine Monnier was 18 when she says the filmmaker violently assaulted her at his Swiss chalet.
The National Rifle Association filed suit last month after the city passed a resolution calling it a domestic terror entity.
A Christian magazine reports the women say John Crist used his status as a religious celebrity to sexually harass them.
Amid the rise of a new labor movement, the classic insult is going mainstream.
Disinformation can bleed into the real world in violent ways. It happened in the French city of Bayonne.
Kim Kardashian andRihanna are speaking up for a Black man convicted by an all-white jury in the murder of a white woman. Doubts have emerged about his guilt.
Lack of paid time off is a feature of America's unforgiving labor market.
He faced backlash from the city’s largest police union over his decision to fire the officer who killed Eric Garner.
The raids netted more than 950,000 plants from nearly 350 growing operation sites this year through the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting program.