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Updated: 2nd December 2019 08:22Fox News

Fox News

Hilton, who has been praised by Trump on Twitter, wants the president to ditch his personal attorney over Ukraine ties.
The disgraced former Fox News host's snap with his dog is going viral for the wrong reasons.
Diana Falzone, Gretchen Carlson and Julie Roginsky rebuked Hannity for "all but begging his network to rehire an accused sexual predator."
The Fox News host was somehow using these terms in the president's defense.

The co-hosts of the Fox News show didn't seem to think anybody was trying to change the name of Thanksgiving.
"Go back on Fox," the conservative host told his disgraced ex-colleague, who was fired amid sexual misconduct allegations in 2017.
"This is someone who said white supremacy is a hoax," Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Michael Blake said.
During a talk on his show, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson appeared to root for Russia before later saying he was joking.
The late show hosts picked apart the president's extended chat with Fox News' morning show "Fox & Friends."
The Fox News host asked why he should care about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Because "preserving democracy is important," his guest replied.
The former Trump campaign aide told Fox News that he's "here to promote the 'America First' agenda."
The secretary of energy used "imperfect" Old Testament kings to make his point.
"I really want to answer all of these questions," Nunes said on Fox News, before not answering the questions.
"The Irishman" star railed against the Fox News founder and President Donald Trump in a new interview.
"When grandpa tells the same stories and you can't get him off the phone," it captioned the montage.
Legal analyst lists at least four likely articles of impeachment but "can't imagine" Trump would be removed by the Republican-controlled Senate.
Diana Falzone, who reportedly had proof of a relationship between Trump and Daniels, called Ken LaCorte "a peddler of misinformation."
A theme of the impeachment hearings is that nobody wanted to work with President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who according to Fiona Hill had been described as a “hand grenade.”
The president told "Fox & Friends" that she must have "done some bad things" to George Conway "because that guy is crazy."
The former Fox News host called out autocrats spreading “garbage and lies masquerading as news” in his first comments since leaving the network.