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Updated: 14th November 2019 06:52CNN


"We have a different dynamic after today," said the Watergate reporter after the first public impeachment hearing against Trump.
“Don’t follow the red herrings. Don’t chase the shiny object. Don’t fall for the okey-doke. Don’t be distracted."
During a rally in Mississippi, Trump claimed that the light on a CNN camera suddenly “went off." The network says the camera’s light was never on.

“This is where we are right now," says a suddenly serious Lemon on CNN. "It’s crazy.”
Brianna Keilar called out the newly minted commentator for casting doubt on the credibility of impeachment probe witness Alexander Vindman.
Trump's former pal shared some tough love with the president's acting chief of staff during a CNN appearance.
After teasing the audience, the CNN president said he's not going anywhere.
The CNN host explained why it "may turn out to be one of the most consequential days" of Trump's presidency.
The former congressman repeatedly mentioned a debunked claim that Ukraine may have been responsible for the 2016 DNC hack.
The president tweeted a "rumor" that CNN President Jeff Zucker will resign soon. CNN's response was short and sweet.
The CNN anchor said the president tweets "all the time," but not about a video of a fake Trump murdering critics and the media.
The ads decried impeachment as a "coup" and bashed the network's anchors as "media lapdogs."
The network reportedly is allowing an uncensored version of the word to appear on websites and TV chyrons.
The 2020 Democratic candidate told CNN's Anderson Cooper that Trump's "irresponsible" words "could result in harm to other people."
The former New York mayor, now Trump's personal lawyer, lost it during an appearance on the cable news network.
“I’m not trying to insult them," said CNN's Alisyn Camerota.
The network faced backlash for giving air time to the former Trump campaign manager, a day after he admitted lying to the media.
"No class. Not even for a moment," one person fired back on Twitter after the president's indifferent remarks about the celebrated journalist's death.
"I think that if you had proof that the president was right, you’d be giving it to me right now, Ken," the CNN host told Trump official Ken Cuccinelli.
Twitter users taunted Trump after he inadvertently "undercut his argument" with an edited video.