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Updated: 29th November 2019 12:43Chris Christie

Chris Christie

“Civility? Chris Christie? Really?” one person responded on Twitter.
Bill Baroni, an ex-Chris Christie ally convicted in the Bridgegate scandal, is was ordered to be freed from prison pending an appeal before the high court.
The former New Jersey governor revealed the president's "biggest weakness" on the debate stage.
The former New Jersey governor, however, refused to criticize Trump’s behavior directly during his trip abroad.

Bridget Anne Kelly, a former aide to former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, bashed her ex-boss over the “Bridgegate” scandal.
“The days of you calling me a liar and destroying my life are over,” Bridget Anne Kelly told the former New Jersey governor.
“He’s lying to your face,” the CNN host told the former New Jersey governor.
One Twitter user wondered if any white politicians have been described using the word.
The former New Jersey governor gets put on the defensive over his 2016 endorsement of Trump.
The "Late Show" host and former New Jersey governor go at it over shots of tequila.
The former New Jersey governor isn't holding back when it comes to the Kushners.
"Probably it was a jump ball," the former New Jersey governor said of his hypothetical presidential run.
The New York Times obtained early access to Christie’s book “Let Me Finish," set to publish Tuesday.
Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, Scott Pruitt and Omarosa Manigault Newman are all roasted in the former New Jersey governor’s new tell-all memoir.
The president told the former New Jersey governor that long ties have a slenderizing effect.
The former New Jersey governor appears to be settling scores with his upcoming memoir.
"If you can't even get a fawning opportunist like Chris Christie to be your chief of staff, you're in serious trouble," one Twitter user noted.
The former New Jersey governor said it was an honor to be considered for the post.
He will address being "unceremoniously booted" from Trump's transition team as well as the Bridgegate scandal.