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Updated: 15th November 2019 13:52Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose

Gina Riggi claims she and her colleagues were targeted by Rose’s “explicit sexual overtures” during their time working on two of his talk shows.
The former "NCIS: New Orleans" showrunner is the fourth high-profile figure to be ousted from the network in the last year.
“F**k it! Sweep the floor at Starbucks until you learn! If you can’t learn, you don’t belong in the boardroom," Fonda said.
"I don’t know how true all of it is,” Bloomberg said of the Me Too movement.

“We don’t know what’s a fact in many of the cases,” the actor said.
“It has been another sleepless night thinking about this, the pain that women feel, the courage that it takes for women to come forward," she said.
With CBS chief Les Moonves, the Me Too movement is facing a critical test of its strength.
Before we let any of the bad men return, we have to make sure the women whose suffering they caused are made whole.
"Eric Schneiderman, you are trash and we do not need you."
She's the latest woman to replace a man disgraced by sexual misconduct allegations.
The former CBS News host is accused of groping women and exposing himself as far back as 1976.
27 more women made allegations against Charlie Rose for sexual misconduct that took place over the course of decades.
Please don’t -- but if you must, here’s a guide to writing the most unnecessary stories of the Me Too movement.
A spate of recent stories wonder if men exposed by Me Too can return to the spotlight. Their accusers often can't.
The former 'Tonight Show' host returned once again to do his shtick.
She said she was proud of how quickly CBS and NBC took action.
Rose was fired by CBS following allegations of sexual misconduct.
Powerful men left their jobs or were fired in 2017 amid allegations of sexual harassment. Here are some of the most memorable downfalls.