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Coronavirus Information: Buy Masks Here
Updated: 17th May 2020 22:20Beauty


From an outbreak of “maskne" to dermatitis, coronavirus face masks can trigger a host of skin issues.
What to know before you reach for the razor, tweezers or microwavable wax kit.
We won't cut bangs during the coronavirus pandemic. We won't cut bangs. We won't cut bangs ...
Here's how to get technicolored tresses at home while the salon is closed during the coronavirus pandemic.

You may think Instagrammers are raking in all the cash, but blogging often pays much more.
Baby Foot and other peel-off foot masks make your feet look gross for weeks. Now's the perfect time to get rid of those calluses.
The coronavirus is changing the way we're able to get haircuts. Here's how.
These highly sought after Kiehl’s products are 25% off at Nordstrom. You're welcome.
This month, we're all about dramatic earrings for virtual happy hours, useful over-the-door hooks and a video game for people who aren't into video games.