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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Sex


As wedding season approaches, couples across the country have had to cancel their nuptial plans, putting their entire lives on hold.
All of these sex toys are social-distancing approved, with a least a 4-star rating and screaming reviews.
For some of us, porn-making and digital work are our only real option to provide for our families right now.
Experts weigh in on whether intimacy with your partner or solo sex can affect your immunity.

Social distancing creates unusual challenges and opportunities for dating, sex and love. Join HuffPost in a conversation about what intimacy looks like during COVID-19.
Barry and Karen Mason, who ran the "center of the gay universe" in Los Angeles and became LGBTQ rights advocates, are the subjects of a new documentary.
"Right now, to be alone is to be responsible, heroic even; so now let us find heroism in the act of getting off for ― and with ― people on the internet!"
In a matter of weeks, the coronavirus has swept the globe and dramatically changed the way we live our lives. Yet, that innate human need for sex and intimacy hasn’t gone anywhere. But what does sex look like in the age of isolation, and how can we be truly intimate in the age of social distancing?
Wondering if you can safely have sex without spreading COVID-19? Here's what experts advise.
It might be time to take things into your own hands — literally.