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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Republican Party

Republican Party

The coronavirus benefit boost expires in July and Republicans in Congress seem uninterested in paying people to stay home.
Republicans have argued a historic rule change would "damage the integrity of the House’s actions now and in the future.”
Trump criticized the governor of North Carolina, where the August event is slated to take place, for being "still in Shutdown mood" during the coronavirus pandemic.
Insurance agent Jo Rae Perkins is the Republican front-runner for an Oregon Senate seat. She also believes in a dangerous, baseless conspiracy.

“It feels like no one’s coming to help,” said a Florida woman who's waited more than six weeks for unemployment benefits.
Cory Wilson, who has also attacked abortion rights and LGBTQ rights, is up for a lifetime seat on a U.S. appeals court.
“I’m really looking forward to Trump’s defenders saying this with a straight face,” tweeted longtime GOP strategist Rick Wilson.
From Gerald Ford to Donald Trump, austerity has been a tool to crush the GOP’s opposition and alter the course of history.
The Iowa Republican claimed he struck a deal with the GOP House minority leader to give him back all of his committees.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) took away the congressman's committees. Now King says he’s struck a deal to get them back.