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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Parenting

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The NFL great and Jennifer Montana stopped a woman who grabbed their sleeping 9-month-old grandchild.
There's a complex relationship between fatigue and your mental health. Here's how to tell when your lethargy is something more.
More businesses have gone cashless in the COVID-19 era. How necessary is that? Here's what experts have to say about germs and paper money.
Catholic activists, in particular, are worried that teens will start thinking it's okay to have sex before marriage if they learn about sexual consent at public schools.
These are the hottest deals to watch on Amazon Prime Day — including one you can shop early.
Natacha Bustos didn't see Black or brown characters in the comic books she read growing up. Now, she's the one creating powerful superheroes like "Moon Girl" in hopes of inspiring young girls of color.
Here are the trending books from modern Latinx authors you should put on your "to read" list.
"Welcome to parenthood. Your refrigerator is now a graveyard of your kids’ half-finished drinks."
The couple first met at an MMA gym in 2012 and have been sparring ever since.
You'll warm up to these (mostly under $100!) electric space heaters for indoors.
Cheers to all of this unique drinkware, unusual stemware and funky glassware that will make your next cocktail night more special.
The "This Is Us" star said she and husband Taylor Goldsmith will welcome a baby boy early next year.
This expert tip could help you dodge potential COVID-19 particles from a sneeze or cough.
These are the best places to get modern reproductions of art deco style that Gatsby would covet.
“The love i feel for this tiny human is beyond my understanding," Malik wrote in an Instagram post announcing his daughter's birth.
"The Christmas House" will feature Bennett and Brad Harder as gay dads-to-be. The film is slated for a Nov. 22 release.
Even the most amicable exes encounter a few bumps in the road.
Asymptomatic individuals "may act as an essential driving force for the community spread of COVID-19," according to researchers.
Here are the most-loved items to shop from Wayfair's annual Way Day sale.
"Welcome to pregnancy, you now get winded putting on pants."

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