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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00New Jersey

New Jersey

Danielle St. Laurent has been capturing portraits of families sheltering in place in the sleepy suburbs of New Jersey during the coronavirus pandemic.
Bridget Anne Kelly and William Baroni, two onetime allies of former Gov. Chris Christie, were convicted in a traffic jam scheme on the George Washington Bridge.
States where the virus has had a major human and economic impact received much less funding per positive test compared to the least impacted states.
Special education groups are taking issue with waivers from schools — but the districts say they're necessary in this unprecedented time.

More than 60 deaths have been linked to the long-term care facility.
“A ‘culture of acceptance’ of sexual abuse has persisted for many years and continues to the present,” a federal investigation found.
In New York and New Jersey, the curve of infections appears to be "stabilizing," according to the White House coronavirus response coordinator.
“Even the invincible aren’t invincible,” Ben Luderer’s former high school baseball coach said of his death.
A New Jersey family threw a party for 50 people as coronavirus cases surge and Gov. Phil Murphy pleads with people to stay home.
The president said he asked the CDC to enact the travel advisory after suggesting a short-term quarantine for New York, the epicenter of the outbreak, earlier Saturday.