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Updated: 9th November 2019 20:10Media


By counting Trump's truths, "you could do it on one or two hands," said Tony Schwartz. "And they were accidental."
"The president says you should do it, I say you should do it. We are all in agreement."
The public "like" counter may disappear as early as next week for some U.S. Instagram users. The app rolled out the test in other countries earlier this year.
The newspaper explained how the president's targeting of the official who sparked the impeachment inquiry poses "a grave threat."

Laurence Tribe dissected the latest Ukraine scandal news and warned that the U.S. is "in real danger."
In 2017, multiple women said the veteran political journalist sexually harassed them while serving as political director at ABC News.
The on-air reporter had an unexpected performance in the background.
Netflix removed an episode from its Saudi platform that featured Hasan Minhaj criticizing Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over Jamal Khashoggi's murder.
Chris Stirewalt said Democratic presidential candidate Biden has "gotta be in Trump’s head a little bit."
The ad from a Republican group will air during "Fox & Friends" in Washington.
The "20/20" host has since spoken out, calling it "a private moment of frustration" and stating her reporting didn't meet editorial standards.
The former White House communications director says one number will determine the president's fate.
The Fox News legal analyst predicted the Supreme Court would make a quick decision on the president's tax returns.
The longtime HBO host promoted the views of a well-known vaccination skeptic on his Friday night show.
Current and former staffers are calling out NBC's troubling history of protecting powerful men — and some say president Noah Oppenheim should step down.
The news that the president's son will appear on the show on its 5,000th episode did not go down well.
The MSNBC host presented “nine pieces of damning evidence" in a bid to prove the GOP senator wrong.
The CNN host broke down the week's developments in the impeachment inquiry.
“And with that, it’s over,” former Editor-in-Chief Megan Greenwell said Friday. “Deadspin no longer employs a single writer or editor."