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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Immigration


As wedding season approaches, couples across the country have had to cancel their nuptial plans, putting their entire lives on hold.
More than 250,000 immigrants and refugees in the U.S. have health care degrees but don't have jobs commensurate with their education.
Using an emergency declaration citing the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration expelled 600 minors in April alone.
A deportation flight with sick immigrants potentially endangers fellow airline passengers and people in Haiti.

The 57-year-old man died after being held at a San Diego facility where advocates had been warning for weeks about a dangerous COVID-19 outbreak.
Three women describe trying to keep their families afloat as the coronavirus threatens their husbands behind bars.
Osamah Mahyoub and Emad Al-Azabi survived armed rebels, poisonous snakes and sinister smugglers. Now they face the greatest threat of all: the U.S. immigration system.
The public continues to see immigration as a boon to the U.S., but most also see restrictions as at least somewhat effective in controlling the COVID-19 outbreak.
“We just want the government to recognize our humanity,” said one undocumented mother who is out of work with no unemployment benefits.
Two Haitian officials told HuffPost they are worried the removals will put immigrants and the broader public at risk.