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Coronavirus Information: Buy Masks Here
Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Health


Walter Reed requires visitors to wear a mask if maintaining social distancing isn't possible, which it apparently wasn't for Trump.
White House officials told Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego that everything is under control and that she's being too demanding, she said.
My severely autistic son doesn't know why he cannot see the teachers he loves and be around the students with whom he adores socializing.

The country is slated for a "much longer, slower burn" than what it experienced in the spring, says one researcher.
"My work of challenging my students' internalized ableism has allowed me to gradually accept my own disability."
Diane Cardwell, author of “Rockaway: Surfing Headlong Into a New Life,” spoke to HuffPost about catching waves and surviving Hurricane Sandy.
This is the same Trump administration official who said COVID-19 was "contained" in February.
The university's site tracks where each state currently stands on safety, health and academic help.
The proposal, which still needs further approval, will impose prison time on those who force others to undergo the medically denounced practice.