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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Health


Here’s what experts think about the natural cold and flu remedy, which allegedly boosts your immune system.
The online tool, which helps women find the nearest available Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, helps "put agency back in the hands of our patients,” the nonprofit said.
A tiny border town is home to hundreds of dentists and is a major destination for Americans seeking big savings on dental care.
Heatwaves, drought, wildfires and infectious disease threaten to undermine decades of gains in global public health.

"We believe that everyone has dignity and is worth investing in," the Democratic presidential candidate told HuffPost.
The 17-year-old boy is believed to be the first person to undergo such a surgery because of vaping-related illness.
Some cities and states are trying to protect our night sky "for the health and wellbeing for all living things.”
National Nurses United touted the 2020 Democrat's "Medicare for All" plan.
The singer explained that the negativity about her weight caused her to leave social media for a bit and change how she handles herself on the platforms.
A Louisiana law rests on the claim that abortion is unsafe. In reality, the common procedure is less dangerous than getting your wisdom teeth removed.
Experts break down what’s really happening once the virus gets into your system.
He's our most iconic environmental crusader, but his advice is outdated, incomplete and ignores climate change.
The high costs of the U.S. health care system are killing people, a new survey concludes.
One woman’s fallopian tubes were allegedly “burnt down to nubs” after going to Javaid Perwaiz for treatment.
The health insurance company described Tyson as an "outstanding leader" and a "visionary."
The cold and flu aren't the only culprits when it comes to a higher-than-normal temperature.
When 1% of its population was caught in the grips of a heroin epidemic, Portugal took the radical step to decriminalize drugs. It worked.
Coping with rejection, frustration and low self-worth can take a toll on both partners in the relationship.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called the discovery a "breakthrough" in the investigation into the outbreak.