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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Gift Guides

Gift Guides

Valentine’s Day is upon us yet again. Here are some gifts you should and shouldn’t give out this year.
We asked men and women to share what gifts they'd like for Valentine's Day.
These thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts for her might win you some brownie points.
Explaining etiquette to tiny humans is hard. Here's where to start.
You can't go wrong with a present for someone's favorite pooch.
Ugly sweaters? Check. Cat sunglasses? You bet! And, of course, everyone needs a Death Star toaster.
Why does buying holiday presents make us feel so pressured and anxious?
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Forget the trendy new cookbooks. These are the tried-and-true recipes that great cooks love.
The "want, need, wear, read" guideline is very popular.
Etiquette experts share their advice on how parents can handle the gift-giving conversation.
Who really needs more stuff? Gift the gift of priceless memories instead.
Dion has teamed up with Instagram on a deliciously nostalgic, shoppable gift guide video.
You should not be under any obligation to buy a present for your boss.
No expensive and bogus jade eggs, moon dust or crystals here.
From Goopy to gimmicky, these gifts are perfect for those conflicted about Gwyn.
Ho, ho, ho-ly moly that's a lot of skin care and beauty products.
Gifts that everyone will want -- and actually use!
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