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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Post 50

Post 50

The British-French actor is most famous for playing Hugo Drax opposite Roger Moore in the 1979 film, "Moonraker."
One person said that "writing anti-lockdown protest songs based on dubious viral Facebook posts is absolute peak boomer."
"That Hakuna Matata sequence where Simba grows up but it’s me turning into my mom."
The 80s metal band's lead singer Dee Snider doesn't want "We're Not Gonna Take It" to be used to protest COVID-19 restrictions.

"What do you want your legacy to your community and your children to be after you’re gone?"
"I affixed my Black Lives Matter sign to my walker, put on my PPE and wheeled out into the streets ... The police brutalize and kill too many Black people for me to remain on the sidelines."
As a U.S. ambassador, Smith played a key role in the peace process in Northern Ireland.
The facility in Billings now accounts for almost a quarter of the state's confirmed coronavirus deaths.
“The Guinness Book of World Records” said the former TV host logged more hours than any other TV personality until Regis Philbin passed him in August 2004 .
Even if older workers can find jobs, health risks could prevent them from remaining in the workforce.