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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Post 50

Post 50

"Putting on and taking off a sports bra counts as exercise. Don’t @ me."
"Have kids so you always have someone to point out how long your nose hairs are while standing in checkout lines."
A poll says almost 1 in 4 Americans think they'll have to work until they die. Donald Luskin said that should be seen as "a great blessing."
Could your loved ones survive financially if you died tomorrow?

There's a chance your family could be on the hook for it.
Nancy Segula was previously sentenced to 10 days in jail for illegally feeding cats in her Garfield Heights, Ohio, neighborhood.
"This was a sick game" conducted by two employees at the Abington of Glenview, Illinois, an attorney for Margaret Collins' family said.
President Trump doesn't believe a recession is coming, but economists disagree.
Fifty marked the beginning of a new chapter and I found myself in the mood for something new.
George Ann Field told reporters, “I don’t think I’ve ever been that strong, and I whacked that bear as hard as I could, both hands."
The director was famous for "Dont Look Back" (which spotlighted a young Bob Dylan), "Monterey Pop" and "The War Room."
James McManus, who represents Ireland in the competition, took up the Argentinean dance when he was in his 80s.
Odalis Lopez is accused of using Rella and Leonard Herman's life savings to go on personal shopping sprees.
What if now that my kids are grown and living their own lives and I’m over 50, my mission is accomplished and I’m just retired?
A vacation or wedding loan could cost you in ways you hadn't imagined.
Undermining Medicaid would gut substance abuse programs and leave clinics struggling for funds.
Jerry and Judy Griffin met when her car broke down on the way to the legendary music festival.