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Updated: 25th February 2020 11:51My Hair, My Story

This Black History Month, we're celebrating the glorious crowns of Black women.

Black people have been suspended from school and have been barred from employment due to their hair texture.
Storytellers need to ask themselves whether they are bolstering a stereotype or moving the conversation forward.
"The many ways I chose to wear my hair had everything to do with my navigating my racial identity as a mixed girl struggling to find where she fit in."
These 15 hairstyles highlight the richness of Black beauty and expression.
The filmmaker gave a shoutout to DeAndre Arnold, a high school senior who notably refused to cut his locs in order to walk at his upcoming graduation.
Here are 12 Black hair highlights in cinema in all of their glory.
What started as conversations on hair care forums evolved into a full-fledged online community over the last 20 years.
From Shemar Moore's cornrows to Danai Gurira's locs, here's where wigs and weaves made some of our faves look unrecognizable.
Here are some of the most iconic political figures and styles in Black hair history.
Whether seen on-screen, courtside or from the nosebleed seats, these are some of the most recognizable Black hairstyles in sports history.
A HuffPost project aiming to untangle conversations about our crowning glory.
Three Black business owners share why "self-love, self-acceptance and self-liberation is key in being confident in the skin you’re in."
Matthew A. Cherry, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade surprised the Black teen who refused to cut his locs to walk at graduation.
High school senior DeAndre Arnold said he's fighting the district's policy because he's "willing to take a stand."
"I want to be free of the secret and the shame," the Massachusetts representative said, showing her bald head for the first time.
To Judge Judy's clip-in ponytail and beyond.
Like Gabrielle Union, I change my hair often, and I don't owe anyone an explanation.
An H&M ad campaign started a heated discussion about what's considered presentable when it comes to Black girls' hair.
Old tweets showing two young Black men at a Chicago-based organization getting their hair cut for a "better life" sparked criticism on Twitter.