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Updated: 11th January 2020 22:21Wellness

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Plus, it was one of Oprah’s favorite tech things for 2019.
Illustrator Sacha Mardou thought therapy was just for those with "real problems." Today, she thinks pretty much everyone should try it.
If you're going to make a resolution for the new year, it may as well be improving your mental health.
Experts share the stressful problems that affected most of their patients, from social media to politics.
"I have a phone interview today and someone told me to 'just be myself' so I’m not going to answer the call."
Examining the most prominent mental health events that went down in the last 10 years and what else needs to be done to erase stigma.
Thinking of January as the time to start a wellness goal may actually backfire in the long run.
Being sick is the worst, but this inhaler from Vicks has me breathing a little easier.
The medical field still falls short of providing proper care to transgender patients. This is especially true for OB/GYN services.
Horoscopes and tarot readings have turned into an unlikely form of therapy — and experts say they can help.
Here's how to know whether strange stool color is related to the food you are eating or a sign of a health issue.
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Experts explain what makes certain water bottle brands more high-end and whether investing in them is worth it.
What's on your plate is no one else's business, but that doesn't stop family and friends from making irritating comments or teasing you about your food choices.
Let's start a new year without these health fads, shall we?
Family therapists say these are the complaints they hear most often from clients around the holidays.
Neurologists explain why this popular hairstyle can make your head hurt.
"Honestly at this point I lose respect for people if they don’t cancel our plans before I do."
Therapy sessions can sometimes make you feel drained or exhausted. Follow this advice to get back on track.
How do you enjoy the holiday season when you're exhausted and stressed out? Therapists share simple tips to help you cope.