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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Layoffs


About 11 full-time employees — including five managers — were cut as HuffPost "realigns its video strategy," the company said.
"It's about damn time," a letter from the organizing committee said.
From a death to a job loss to an ended relationship, here's how experts handle loss.
Employees called the shift “a tremendous loss for LGBTQ media, journalism, and the world.”

The aerospace company pointed to "extraordinarily difficult challenges ahead."
"'Deciding to freelance' is a strange way of saying 'being forced into job insecurity,'" one person tweeted in response to the Fast Company piece.
When asked whether Mic had indeed let go of every single editorial employee apart from the site’s co-founder, a spokeswoman replied, “Yes that’s right.”
A demand for severance pay has turned into a broader campaign to protect retail workers from private equity firms.
Some 12 percent of Ford workers worldwide could be out of a job.
The bank did not specify which departments or regions would be impacted by the reductions.
The company fired the entire social team, but they still managed to share a few more tweets.
The layoffs come days after rumors of deep cuts at the storied tabloid.
President Donald J. Trump said he’d saved 1,100 jobs at a Carrier plant in Indianapolis, Indiana. But now hundreds more employees have been laid off, and they feel betrayed.
Good employers keep a watchful eye on their workers--and they often look for things we don't think about.
The sports network is suffering because TV habits are changing.
The president intervened to save some, but not all, of the Indianapolis factory jobs going to Mexico this year.
The Spanish-language media company plans to merge news sites Fusion and The Root into Gizmodo Media Group.