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Updated: 1st April 2020 15:54Impact Business

Work In Progress explores the role business plays in our lives and the impact it can have when it comes to tackling the huge challenges we face: from climate breakdown to inequality.

The plastics industry is mounting a campaign to push single-use plastics as the safest option, despite the science being far from clear.
The coronavirus pandemic is putting grocery store and restaurant workers at risk, often with no health protections and just a handful of safety precautions in place.
Proponents hope the simple stickers will make consumers question their own use of fossil fuels.
We toss 260 billion paper cups in the trash every year. These coffee shops have a better solution.

These “floating cities” can have devastating consequences for life on land and sea.
But one thing is clear. Next-day delivery is the most carbon-intensive option.
Huge amounts of plastic and food waste end up in landfill or incinerated. Some airlines are trying to tackle the problem, but it's complicated.
Solar Foods has developed a sustainable food that's totally disconnected from agriculture. Now they need to scale it up.
Few companies have clear “climate leave” policies setting out what workers can expect in the face of worsening disasters.
Retailer REI and cult beauty company Deciem are shutting on one of the biggest shopping days of the year and calling for people to consume more responsibly.