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Updated: 2nd February 2020 05:20HuffPost | Headstrong


Your brain is just as important as the rest of your body. From dealing with the daily stress of modern life, to major mental health issues, HuffPost's Headstrong project helps you take care of yourself so you can take on the world.

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There's a Yale class that teaches students how to be happy. We asked the instructor to share some of her lessons.
Doctors share how some contraception methods can affect your libido and what to do about it.
Advice from experts for when you just can't seem to shake the loneliness.
You may be tempted to talk negatively about your own body to make your friend feel better, but experts say that's a bad idea.
Bruxism can occur day or night, and some of your lifestyle habits could be to blame.
Breaking down the main causes of hypnic jerks and how to stop them.

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The fact that I was shocked by a freak accident, the kind that stole my husband less than two years ago, produced a new kind of survivor’s guilt.
“The aggressive surgical plan was my best shot at preventing a cancer recurrence after discovering my nasty BRCA1 gene mutation during my shocking cancer diagnosis as a healthy, 30-year-old woman.”
Like many mental illnesses, anxiety can be hidden. But panic attacks are often frighteningly visible.
The Department of Transportation is considering new rules that would restrict service animals on airplanes to specially trained dogs.
It doesn't matter how long it's been since the breakup: Discovering your ex has moved on with a new boyfriend or girlfriend can feel like a punch in the gut.
Honestly, we could all take note from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
There are a few factors that affect whether you recall what happened in your brain during sleep.
Examining the most prominent mental health events that went down in the last 10 years and what else needs to be done to erase stigma.
Thinking of January as the time to start a wellness goal may actually backfire in the long run.
Experts share what causes you to regularly wake up during sleep, plus advice on how to fix it.
All that excessive obsessing and rumination totally takes a toll on you physically and mentally.
I lived with a time bomb of a secret and I rarely told anyone what was happening to me, afraid they would think I was strange.