05/07/2019 23:34 EDT | Updated 05/09/2019 09:41 EDT

Colbert Reveals How Fox News Viewers Are Now In An 'Existential Crisis' Over Trump

The "Late Show" host jokes about how viewers of the right-wing network are trying to process the latest news about the president.

Stephen Colbert said Fox News viewers are in an “existential crisis” over the revelations about President Donald Trump found in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. 

Trump claims he was “exonerated” by the report, but a poll cited by the “Late Show” host finds that only half of the network’s viewers believe the president.

Colbert guessed at how the generally pro-Trump audience at Fox News is handling the news... complete with a crack about one of the network’s most prominent advertisers (his jokes about Mueller and Fox News start at about 4:45): 

The report found no evidence of a criminal conspiracy with the Russian government, but it also detailed 10 incidents in which Trump may have attempted to obstruct justice.

The report, based on a nearly two-year investigation, did not make a conclusion on whether he obstructed justice, nor did it exonerate him ― but Attorney General William Barr controversially concluded that there is not enough evidence to charge the president. 

Democrats are trying to arrange for Mueller to testify before Congress. 

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