05/14/2019 05:21 EDT | Updated 05/14/2019 09:18 EDT

Oh God No, Please No: This Guy’s Ear ‘Itch’ Was Caused By A Spider Making A Nest

This nightmare come to life was caught on video.

Doctors in China found an unusual cause for a patient’s ear problems: There was a spider in there and it was building a nest.

According to The South China Morning Post, the patient in Jiangsu, China ― north of Shanghai ― reported an “intense itch” in his ear and went to the hospital last month.

I didn’t notice it when inspecting [his ear] with the naked eye,” Dr. Zhang Pan, of the Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University, told The Sun. “However, using an endoscope, I discovered the small spider inside.”

The spider was caught on camera as it spun a web in the patient’s ear canal. 

Making matters worse, the elusive arachnid moved too quickly to be caught with instruments and had to be flushed out, UPI reported,

Wash your ears well tonight. Then, maybe wash them again.

Just in case.

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