12/13/2018 06:11 am ET Updated 1 day ago

Seth Meyers Makes Wild Prediction About How Donald Trump May Be Arrested

It involves Burger King wrappers, a cabin and Trump's name written large.

Seth Meyers joked Wednesday that President Donald Trump should “forget running for re-election in two years” because “he might be running from the feds.”

The “Late Night” host noted that Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen had earlier in the day been sentenced to three years in prison on multiple fraud charges. Cohen confessed to facilitating hush-money payments in order to protect Trump during the 2016 election campaign, at Trump’s behest.

Meyers also predicted how, in the event that Trump was arrested, it may unfold.

“The FBI is gonna bust into a cabin in Montana and find Trump with a Unabomber beard surrounded by Burger King wrappers,” he forecast. He also guessed at the Trump vanity project that would have led agents to the hideout.

Check out the clip above.