09/16/2019 23:41 EDT | Updated 09/25/2019 13:27 EDT

Neon-Green Sean Spicer Doesn't Rock A Salsa On 'Dancing With The Stars'

He has "ruined neon for everyone," groused one viewer.

Screen Shot/"Dancing With the Stars"
Sean Spicer preens after his inaugural "Dancing With the Stars" performance with partner Lindsay Arnold.

Reactions to former White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s big debut Monday on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” weren’t exactly ... kind. One wit posted a GIF of Homer Simpson pouring bleach in his eyes, and several on Twitter were convinced that a Democrat — or the Resistance — dressed Spicer in his flouncy neon-green dancing shirt.

Spicer was paired up with Lindsay Arnold, the champion of Season 25, who described her partner in a clip before their performance as dancing at a “pre-pre-school level.” She added: “He definitely isn’t natural at it.”

But Spicer seemed to have a blast. He attempted a salsa to The Spice Girls’ “Spice Up Your Life” that end with a knee slide. Judge Bruno Tonioli said he looked like he was being attacked by a “swarm of wasps.” But judge Len Goodman said he admired Spicer’s “courage.” He scored 12 out of a possible 30 points.

Spicer appeared to take it in dance stride. He said earlier in an interview that he just hoped to show another side of himself. 

“My tenure [in the White House] was very one-dimensional,” he said before his performance. “I sat up on a podium and looked like an angry leprechaun some days, yelling at people.” Now people “get to see a different side of me,” he added. “If  you walk away and you still don’t like who I am, God bless you.”

CORRECTION: “Dancing With the Stars” is on ABC, not NBC.