09/19/2017 01:06 EDT | Updated 04/18/2019 14:56 EDT

A Young Girl's Own Hospital Stay Inspires Her to Help Other Young Patients

The power for change is within all of us.

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Josie Hull knows what’s it’s like to be stuck in a hospital room.  Josie was born co-joined at the head with her twin.   Now sixteen-years-old, Josie has endured several operations and treatments throughout her life.  All of which have required extended stays at the hospital.   

But instead of focusing on her own hardships, Josie wanted to help others.  She knew just how isolating and lonely hospital rooms can be, and she was determined to make it better for other kids.  Josie and her adopted mother, Jenny Hull, started Once Upon A Room.  Their organization decorates and personalizes children’s hospital rooms to bring the comforts of home to patients, and remind them they are never alone.

Positive change comes through persistence, strength and resilience and Brawny paper towels is proud to highlight Josie Hull’s inspirational story.